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If you are looking to transform your life with medical treatment, then our VIP Destination Medicine in Napa Valley is for you! The VIP Destination Medicine Program is our Gold Premium package.

Dr. Alexa Henderson is board certified in Internal and Functional Medicine. She creates personalized health care plans that precisely target the unique genetic and molecular makeup of each individual patient. She specializes in chronic inflammation, stress reduction, and Bio-Identical hormone replacement. Her practice incorporates state of the art anti-aging techniques designed to preserve memory, vision, and mobility while enhancing optimum health and longevity.

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VIP Destination Medicine

Dr Alexa Henderson creates a partnership with each patient to enhance optimum health, wellness, and longevity. AlexaMD will serve as the primary coordinator for all medical care. Services included are direct phone consultations with AlexaMD for rapid triage of emergency medical concerns, same-day appointments for evaluation and treatment of medical conditions, in-home client services available upon request, mobile phlebotomy service labs drawn in the home for convenience, Dr Alexa Henderson is also a trauma trained physician and incorporates the mind body connection into her practice and treatment plans.

By providing these services in Napa Valley, we help patients to feel at ease with receiving medical care. We strive to build a relationship of trust with each of our patients and ensure they receive personalized care for their needs.

Details of the Program

To begin treatment, we will conduct a comprehensive initial intake exam incorporates the patient’s medical history and current condition into account. We also extensively review the psychosocial history to identify stress an inflammation, which lead to chronic disease and aging. While we review these factors, we will also go over any past medications or treatments the patient went through for a specific condition. With this information, we can begin to establish a treatment plan for the patient.

Our goal is to eliminate the laundry list of medications a patient may be taking by instead identifying the root cause analysis and genetic and molecular makeup of each patient. We want to promote lifelong healing and wellness, not just mask symptoms. We incorporate stress reduction techniques, weight loss plans, bio-identical hormone replacement if indicated, and nutritional supplementation to aid in the process of healing.

Exclusive Exercise Training

Our exclusive exercise training will provide a specific exercise plan for each patient. We will help to determine the patient’s level of fitness to determine the most effective method to promote positive change.

Lab Analysis

With a professional lab analysis, we can identify any signs or symptoms of a condition by examining specimens. These specimens can include blood, saliva, and stool. Our analysis can detect the early signs of potential health issues that are just starting to develop. Our analysis will strive to target therapies designed to address each individual’s genetic and molecular composition-preventing disease before it starts.

Complimentary Appointment with Personal Trainer

We provide a complimentary one hour session with a personal trainer.


We also provide a complimentary 50minute session of massage or acupuncture.

Additional Program Services

10% discount for all supplements, and 10% discount on exclusive AlexaMD programs including Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Intravenous Therapy.

VIP Destination Medicine Membership


Annual payment of $12,000 or Bi-annual/Quarterly/monthly installments can be arranged. Cash, check and all major credit cards will be accepted.

  • Ala carte services available upon request