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When people hear about hormones changing the body as someone ages, they mainly think of puberty and being teenagers. The reality is that adults well into their 40s or 50s will go through different hormonal changes that can have vastly different effects on the body than before. Since the severity of symptoms can vary per the patient’s sex, biology, age and chemical makeup, we need to customize the treatment to the patient’s needs.

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Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are struggling with these hormonal changes, then our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help. This treatment can relieve pain while addressing the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of these hormonal changes. You do not have to struggle with these issues and can seek professional treatment today.

If you are struggling with hormonal changes through aging that sap your energy and make daily life difficult, our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help.

This therapy can help to ease the symptoms of the aging process that can take a toll on the body. Since these symptoms will not have an external cause, many people may not even realize what the symptoms actually mean.

Our team is fellowship trained to provide this type of treatment for patients who do not want to live with the symptoms of aging. In those cases, we can provide the treatment for patients to live life to the fullest. Benefits of this therapy can include relieving and addressing:

  • Hot flashes
  • Mood changes
  • Sudden fatigue
  • Night sweats
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Decreased libido count
  • Decrease in sexual drive or pain during sex
  • Weight gain
  • Memory loss or difficulties

BHRT can have multiple forms such as creams, patches or gels the patient uses at home. Other options include implanted pellets and injections. We will take the time to determine the most effective treatment option for each patient’s needs and lifestyle. We will continue to monitor the treatment process in order to ensure the patient is taking the proper dosage.

Anti-Aging Techniques

With aging come several conditions that can alter the body’s chemistry, including menopause, perimenopause and andropause (male menopause). We can help patients struggling with menopause and perimenopause by relieving the symptoms with treatment. We can also provide a comprehensive analysis of testosterone and other components of the male hormone cascade.

Here is information on each and how our treatment can help.


When a menstrual cycle ends, many women go through what is known as menopause, typically around 40 to 50 years of age. Since some of the symptoms are stated above, other symptoms can include irregular periods, vaginal dryness, thinning hair and dry skin. Since these symptoms can vary in severity, patients will need customized treatment.

While we cannot prevent aging, we can use anti-aging treatment to alleviate the symptoms to help make life easier for the patient.


Even though menopause is the main condition women in their 40s and 50s will struggle with, there is also a condition leading up to menopause known as perimenopause. These changes can be somewhat subtle or more noticeable. Some of these can include the symptoms listed above along with irregular periods, vaginal and bladder problems, a decrease in fertility, an increased risk of osteoporosis and fluctuating cholesterol levels.

By addressing these early signs of menopause as soon as possible, we can help ease the transition into menopause. Along with this, we can also help to prepare the patient for the other potential symptoms instead of the patient discovering them on their own.


Age-related changes for men can include a drop in testosterone production, low energy, depression, sadness, insomnia, an increase in body fat, erectile dysfunction, a decrease in libido count, feelings of physical weakness and a lack of motivation. In most cases, men can go through these changes upon reaching their late 40s to 50s.

However, not all men experience this condition or if they do, it can be at varying levels. This is where we can customize the treatment to the patient’s needs. In many cases, men are able to find a treatment that helps them cope with some of these symptoms and live fulfilling lives. The treatment options will vary with creams, injections, gels and other possible methods.

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